The Existential Gravity of Ageing



    2020 Virtual Conference McDonald Center

    Developed in partnership with the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing and the Healthcare Values Partnership
    Ageing and Despair: Towards Patience and Hope for Health and Care
    The event included plenary presentations from Farr A Curlin, Frits de Lange, and Els van Wijngaarden.

    Featured speakers included (alphabetical) Joanna Collicutt, Lydia Dugdale, Katherine Froggatt and Caroline Nicholson, Chris Gilleard, Christine Lai, Michael Mawson, Ashley Moyse, Seamus O'Mahony, Autumn Alcott Ridenour, Tyler VanderWeele, and Christopher Wareham.
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    StatusPublished - 2020
    EvenementAgeing & Despair: Towards patience and hope for health and care - McDonald Centre ::: Oxford Institute of Population Ageing ::, Oxford
    Duur: 27 mei 202029 mei 2020


    ConferenceAgeing & Despair
    Land/RegioUnited Kingdom
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