On the New Gospel: The food industry and the importance of Place

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Food – both its production and consumption - shapes our relations to the world. It is a daily activity which roots us in the world. It connects us to other humans and their labor, to the plants and animals which we eat and to the earth which provides it. In theology as well as in Church life, Meal sharing and food is usually seen as very positive, bringing people together. The destructive and violent side of the way we provide for our food is often overlooked, or not seriously considered. The film The new Gospel (2020) by Milo Rau, interacts with both the destructive and live giving structures of food. I will look at this film as a theologian who beliefs the live giving biblical stories on food only are of meaning if we relate them to the complex dynamics of food in our world today.
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StatusIn preparation - 2022
EvenementOwnership and Space in Times of the Anthropocene - Capetown and Stellenbosch
Duur: 26 okt. 202228 okt. 2022


ConferenceOwnership and Space in Times of the Anthropocene
Land/RegioSouth Africa
StadCapetown and Stellenbosch

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