No Death without Sin on the New Earth: Isaiah 65:20 in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic

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    In this contribution, I reconsider the interpretation of the Hebrew text of Isaiah 65:20 and describe the ways in which the verse was rendered in the Septuagint and Targum Jonathan. Obviously, the early translators experienced the Hebrew original as problematic and consciously decided to refrain from a literal rendering in Greek and Aramaic. Modern exegetes regard especially the final colon of the Hebrew verse as enigmatic. Their objections concur only partially with the reasons why the text raised questions in early Judaism.
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    TitelSeptuagint, Targum and Beyond
    SubtitelComparing Aramaic and Greek Versions from Jewish Antiquity
    RedacteurenMichaël van der Meer, Jan Joosten, David Shepherd
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    StatusPublished - 15 jan. 2020

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