Christian Pastoral Care Among Contemporary Arts of Dying



In the paper I connect 'visions of the good life' with the undeniable reality for any human being: the end of life. The end of life will not always be good, yet preparing for death belongs to good living. Or does death distort our vision of what a good life might be? The paper brings these question into conversation with two core ecclesial practices, such as pastoral care and preaching. Is death still part of Christian speech, and if so, how? The final part of the paper presents offers a research perspective on thanatology for theological research.
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StatusPublished - 10 jun. 2022
EvenementVisions of the Good Life: Salvation in the Twenty-First Century - Centre for Church and Mission in the West, Theological University Kampen|Utrecht, Kampen
Duur: 8 jun. 202210 jun. 2022


ConferenceVisions of the Good Life
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