Challenges in Pastoral Care Practice in Euthanasia: A Concept Mapping Study among Dutch Protestant Pastors

Wim Graafland, T.T.J. (Theo) Pleizier, T.A. Boer, A.S. Groenewoud

Onderzoeksoutputpeer review

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This study explores the various difficulties that protestant pastors experience in the context of care for parishioners with a wish for euthanasia. In a reproducible and non-subjective way, using the concept mapping method, we cluster and rank-order 600 elements that pastors had mentioned as “difficult in caring for parishioners with a death wish” in an earlier survey study. The three clusters of items ranked as most difficult are connected with inappropriate care, doubts whether euthanasia in specific circumstances is justified, and disagreements between pastor and parishioner, including the emotional burden arising from those disagreements.
Originele taal-2English
Pagina's (van-tot)1-11
TijdschriftDeath Studies
StatusPublished - 19 jan. 2023

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