Agitur de animae salutae: Geschichtliches Denken in Veit Ludwig von Seckendorffs Historia Lutheranismi


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Veit Ludwig von Seckendorffs Historia Lutheranismi, first published between 1688 and 1692, is considered to be the first scholarly presentation of the history of the Reformation due to the abundance of used and cited sources and their critical treatment, but is historiographically assigned to pre-modem historiography. The reconstruction of the emergence of the work and the comparison with Maimbourg’s Histoire du Lutheranisme show in the case of Seckendorff that the Reformation and the split of the Western Church have at least stimulated modem historical thinking, as it has been described primarily by Reinhart Koselleck.
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TitelReforming church history
Subtitelthe impact of the Reformation on early modern European historiography
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