A Place at the Table: Celebrating the Eucharist in a diaconal context: Church Asylum in the Netherlands in 2018-2019

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    During a Church Asylum in The Hague (The Netherlands) in 2018/2019, Liturgy and Diaconia were interconnected in an inextricable way, as the safety of the family in the Church Asylum depended on a ‘neverending’ worship. The context of migration and asylum-policies in the Netherlands, especially the so called ‘Children’s Amnesty’ shaped the liturgical experience, and the continuous worshipping carried the diaconal practice.
    In this paper I concentrate on the experiences of ministers who celebrated the Eucharist during the ongoing worship. What understandings and questions arise from their experience of celebrating the Eucharist in a worldly and political context?


    ConferenceConsultation Stellenbosch University PThU - Moving Identities: Migration, racism, xenophobia and memories of colonization (online Webinar).

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