Diaconia, Food and Table Fellowship



This is one of my ongoing lines of research. It is about understanding Diaconia as table fellowship and connects issues of food and eating with diaconal key concepts such as justice, ownership,reconciliation and compassion.

Key findings

The word Diakonia itself is related to table practices.

Diakonia is always relational and takes different shapes in different contexts.

Diakonia comes from the Eucharist and goes back to it; participation in the Spirit, anamnesis and eschatology as features of the eucharist give diaconal work its characteristics and help to critically assert diaconal practices. Diakonia brings experiences of injustice and suffering to the table of the Lord, thus creating an ongoing circle between World and Church.

Relations between diaconal practices and the production, distribution and consumption of food are crucial and deserve more research, also in relation to the antropocene or plantationocene.
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